Princes Foundation eröffnet Immatrikulation zum Master in „Sustainable Urbanism”

Die Prin­ces Foun­da­ti­on in Lon­don star­te im Juli mit dem nächs­ten 2-jäh­ri­gen Mas­ter­kurs in „Sustainable Urba­nism”.
Die Frist zur Bewer­bung läuft bis zum 10. Mai 2013. Inter­es­sier­te Stu­die­ren­de soll­ten sich gege­be­nen­falls direkt mit Dr Mat­t­hew Har­dy, +44 (0)20 7613 8520, in Ver­bin­dung set­zen.

Prince's Foundation LogoPrince’s Foundation — MA in Sustainable Urbanism (Graduate Fellowship) — 2013 entry

Call for app­li­ca­ti­ons for the Prince’s Foundation’s 2013 MA in Sustainable Urba­nism pro­gram­me.

Like INTBAU, the Prince’s Foun­da­ti­on belie­ves that com­pre­hen­si­ve and prac­tical action is nee­ded to train the next gene­ra­ti­on of archi­tects and desi­gners to evol­ve tra­di­tio­nal approa­ches to plan­ning and desi­gn in res­pon­se to our con­tem­pora­ry cri­sis. This is whe­re our MA in Sustainable Urba­nism comes in.

The pro­gram­me balan­ces aca­de­mic and prac­tical trai­ning. In the first year of our cour­se, stu­dents are pla­ced in one of our depart­ments for 3 days a week, working on live pro­jects in the UK and around the world. They attend a weekly Masterclass/seminar led by experts from our own staff and around the world. Final­ly we give our stu­dents one day each week for rea­ding, in our own spe­cia­list libra­ry or at the Bri­tish Libra­ry and other rese­ar­ch libra­ries in Lon­don. Meanw­hi­le our stu­dents work on set essays (in the first and second term) and a rese­ar­ch pro­ject on an aspect of sustainable urba­nism, broad­ly con­side­red. At the end of the year, we ask our stu­dents to pre­sent their rese­ar­ch as a first year semi­n­ar for teaching staff and stu­dents.

In the second year, we help our stu­dents find a pla­ce­ment of their choice four days a week, whi­le wri­ting a dis­ser­ta­ti­on on an aspect of sustainable urba­nism of their choice. This is pre­sen­ted to an audi­en­ce as a final gra­dua­te semi­n­ar at the end of each aca­de­mic year.

For more about the cour­se, and how to app­ly to the cour­se, plea­se direct your stu­dents to:

One of our past stu­dents has made a short video about the cour­se:

The cour­se car­ri­es an MA in Sustainable Urba­nism from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wales. 

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